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What is Eyes Treatment

Eyes treatment is an individual who provides a service related to the eyes or vision. It is any healthcare worker involved in eye care, from one with a small amount of post-secondary training to practitioners with a doctoral level of education.

Treatment of Static Wrinkles

We specialize in performing latest aesthetic techniques.

Treatment of Dynamic Wrinkles

We specialize in performing latest aesthetic techniques.


Botulinum toxin can be used to lower the upper lid, so that the eye is closed and the cornea (clear window of the eye) is protected.

Tired Eyes /Under Eye Dark Circles

We specialize in performing latest aesthetic techniques.


Juvederm effectively treats the bags and dark circles that can appear under the eye.


Thread Lift is a non-invasive procedure that lifts and tightens sagging skin and tissues using a thin molded suture or thread.

Double Eyelid Creation

We specialize in performing latest aesthetic techniques.


Designed to be a minimally invasive procedure, DST does not require significant incisions to be made, hence does not leave behind significant scars on the patient's eyelids.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Minimal discomfort that is well tolerated. Some redness, minor swelling or bruising may occur in the treatment area but can easily be hidden with simple make up.
  • Immediate as only a small amount is required to improve the under eye area.
  • The body eventually breaks down hyaluronic acid and absorbs it. Usually it lasts a year depending on individuals.
  • Two main culprits in making one look tired, the eye bag and dark circles.

  • Under eye fillers are hyaluronic acid injections done over the sunken area, known as tear trough. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in our skin where it can bind water molecules to give natural youthfulness and plumpness. When the sunken area is restored, it automatically lightens and reduces dark circles and eye bags as well as fine wrinkles

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